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I treat general, muscular-skeletal pain:

Tendonitis                    Strains/sprains

Back pain                      Neck pain

Shoulder pain              Hip pain

Disc bulges                   Sciatica

Whiplash                       Scoliosis

Tennis elbow                Golfer's elbow

Carpol tunnel               Grip problems

Frozen shoulder          Plantar fasciitis

Compartment syndrome & more



Post surgery clients and clients with severe trauma often have scar tissue that needs to be manually broken up before full range of motion can be achieved during rehabilitation. I treat these conditions and correct the dysfunctional muscle patterns that develop from the surgery and original trauma or from casts, braces, crutches, canes, and atrophy.


Goal oriented athletes often have a frustrating, weak muscle set that holds them back, with no identifiable pain symptoms. I approach this dilemma using Muscle and Biomechanics Testing to identify the dysfunctional pattern that is inhibiting the weak muscle set. NeuroKinetic Therapy® then corrects the pattern allowing muscles to return to moving the skeleton optimally, not dysfunctionally. With a proper follow-up program, functional movement will solidify and performance improvement will follow.


Daily stress, poor posture or ergonomics, repetitive motions, or a physical "over-challenge" for people of any fitness level will invariably result in scar tissue knitting itself into our muscles and soft tissues. Swedish, deep-tissue, or sports massage can break up and flush out the scar tissue before it has a chance to restrict muscles and set up dysfunctions. The effects of higher blood circulation resulting from Swedish and deep tissue massage aids in flushing out muscular, metabolic waste build-up, such as lactic acid and calcium. One of the first ever clinical trials for the efficacy of Swedish massage was performed by a Yale School of Medicine professor and director of the Yale Prevention Research Center:


For stress relief and relaxation, I offer a variety of treatments combining Swedish and deep tissue massage with reflexology, polarity, visceral massage, lymphatic massage, and cranial sacral therapy. Treatments range from full body massage to concentration on a particular need; such as feet and calves, hands and forearms, head and neck, belly-work, breath, lymphatic drainage, etc.


Traumatic, emotional events can produce long-lasting and painful dysfunctional patterns in our musculature. Combining Neurokinetic Therapy® and Touch for Health techniques produces dramatic change for people willing to open their minds and bodies to this process. See Neurokinetic Therapy® and Touch for Health in the Techniques I Use tab and call me for more information.


I often find clients have painful or annoying conditions that they did not associate with a muscular-skeletal problem. I treat the following muscular-skeletal conditions that can cause the corresponding dysfunctions:

Tight upper spine, cranium, and jaw muscles

    Headaches, jaw pain, ear ringing, neck stiffness and pain

Tight pterygoids, masseter, digastric, and temporalis (jaw muscles)

    Jaw pain, general muscular weakness or tension, and ear ringing from teeth clenching and grinding

Tight diaphragm

    Abdominal and chest pain, general muscle fatigue or weakness

Tight psoas, quadratus lumborum, diaphragm

    Digestion or constipation problems

Tight pelvic floor muscles

    Pelvic pain, frequent pelvic organ infections, vaginal dryness, incontinence, or hip function weakness

Tight stomach and diaphragm muscles

    Acid reflux